This is mostly a library for myself. Here, I drop stories for future reference. Topics include but are not limited to:

Political Theory, Libertarianism, War, Constitution, Central Banking, Middle East, Cultural Marxism, Oppression, Lies, Justice

I entertain conspiracy theories, and yes, I’ve gone down some rabbit holes during my journey. Some profoundly shifted my sense of the world, others were nonsense. I have not gone back and vetted these stories for accuracy.

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Curt on the definition of a Racist

My definition of a racist is someone who criticizes others for following their group evolutionary strategy instead of improving his own group evolutionary strategy. In other words asking others to pay for his defense – a fraud.

I acknowledge only differences in class distribution, institutions, religion, traditions, norms as impediments to cooperation.

I see no reason why all races cannot transcend the beast and evolve into man, and for man to the gods we envision.

I view multiculturalism as nothing more than conquest of the aristocratic people’s by the non.

Any man who will fight for Liberty with me is my brother. I may prefer we marry within our kin. But this is an aesthetic statement only.

Actually, Raising Beef Is Good for the Planet

This article focuses on the ways that grass-fed cattle are part of an eco-system that fertilizes soil and restores carbon into soil, and requires grassland with fights erosion.


I’ve encountered an even stronger argument that agriculture is much more devastating to local ecosystems than free-range cattle, but I can’t for the life of me find the article. It was also authored by a former believer who’d converted. I think it focused on Australia.