1. Hi Todd and Mataarer,Gregt to see your site and hear about the show at RV! I’m so happy you’re supporting us again this year! Susan will be bringing over the painting later and I can hardly wait to see it!Also I hear there’s a new addition coming soon! How fantastic for you both- you will be great parents I can tell!All the best at this special time of year!Cindy

  2. खूप मोठा प्रश्न आहे हा… उत्तर इतकं सहजासहजी सापडण्यासारखं नाही असे वाटते. एका क्षणी वाटतं की हे सहज शक्य आहे, दुसऱ्याच क्षणी वाटतं की नाही…. !!

  3. Tu es la seule à pouvoir faire un post où tu intellectualises les soldes, la mode et pouvoir y rajouter une pointe de philosophie et d'ironie, parfois.Les jambes de Vanessa Bruno ne sont pas si terribles que ça, dans le monde des designers, les plus belles jambes sont celles de Tamara Mellon et Estrella Archs ; )

  4. Shawn%A %B %e%q, %YJanice,Another great article. I have NEVER wanted to own my own business. Don’t want the headaches and I love going home knowing that it’s someone else’s job to be the head and I can go home and rest without any worries.I applaud anyone who openes their own business.Shawn

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