Curt: Sorry Bibi

Sorry Bibi. But ya know, you thought the lobby was gonna help you. But you didn’t count on getting an anti-white Muslim in the white house, now did you? So now, despite your empty rhetoric, there is going to be another holocaust. Another diaspora. And why? Because you thought you could control the white man. Instead, you destroyed him. And with him the only people who will ever grant you shelter. I’m a nationalist. For everyone. Including a Jewish nationalist. But nations require land holding. Land holding requires land holding ethics and morals. And apparently you don’t understand the lesson of the rise and fall of Judea: jews lacked the moral and ethical basis for land holding. And you still do.

Fight or die. There is no alternative. Words only work against christians. We are the only people who feel guilt. The rest of the world is merciless.

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