On Immigration and my recent posts.

I’ve been posting many anti-immigration stories. I pointed out in one argument that the whole world is against multi-culturalism except (partially) the west, and was asked, “So what, you want the West to be more like the rest of the world, which you seem to despise so much?”

Good question.

Firstly, recognize that the social norms of high trust societies are VERY expensive. Every time we behave well we pay the opportunity cost of not behaving well. We pay for our social norms.

Social norms must be defended as if they are property.

Secondly, realize that there’s nothing wrong or unnatural about preferring the company of people who share your culture, values, and (yes) even genes. All animals display kin preference.

I happen to think that a society benefits when it admits a modest portion of foreigners, especially the intelligent, law abiding, capable, hard working ones.

(Relevant observation: It seems that when a population reaches somewhere between 5-10% of the population they seek political power.)

What is lost is trust (diversity DOES reduce trust) is gained in their economic velocity. So that’s my ideal society. Though I’d prefer more societies in general.

Let a thousand nations bloom. Let each one choose it’s formula — from complete segregation to complete diversity.

ps – I don’t despite the rest of the world. I’ve enjoyed vacations on every continent. I like the diversity. But diversity means preserving cultures, not destroying them through forced integration.

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