My advice for Israel’s survival

This came after a long and exhausting argument with Israel supporters in which I refused to accept Palestinians don’t exist.

Gentelmen, it’s been fun. Thank you for the engagement. I have work to do, and I need to leave this alternate reality into which you are doggedly trying to drag me.

I’ve written this before, but here’s my advice for Israel’s survival:

1) Face your history. Stop the double-talk, lies, distortions, overloading, reframing. You need to do it.

2) You are now a landed people. Develop Duty, Honor, Sacrifice because those are the ethics that allow you to defend yourself. You have it. But punish (or as a bare minimum, stop subsidizing) the parts of your society which parasite on the sacrific of others.

3) Declare your goddamn borders. Israel is the only country without declared borders. This, plus the thousands [this may be an exaggeration] of statements by Israeli leaders encouraging ethnic cleansing is the reason so many people (me) remain suspicious of Israel’s intentions — see the graphic at the top of the conversation.

(Defend your borders both against the Arabs and against the parts of your society who publically advocate expansion to the Euphrates river.)

4) Ween yourself off direct western subsity. It creates resentment and puts at risk the political support which is very important to Israel.

5) Make peace with your neighbors.


Some excerpts:

>You can blame Israel, hate Israel, explain that Arabs don’t really want to destroy Israel, etc. All that would be very noble. But seriously expect a suicide of the whole nation? — It’s not noble, it’s stupid smile emoticon

> I had no doubts that my refusal to deny the existence of Palestinians would very quickly be interpreted as “so you want to destroy Israel.”

It happens almost every time.

>Show us something which demonstrates that a palestinian arab nation existed before 1947.

>This is a great slight of hand. You’re pretending that I’m talking about modest claims to property claims. I’m talking about this:

“We must expel Arabs and take their places.”
— David Ben Gurion, 1937

[He came back by stating it’s a fake quote. I don’t have the time to check (perhaps that was his goal) but it doesn’t seem fake. It is cited down to a page number, and consistent with dozens of other quotes for Ben Gurion and other Israeli leaders.]

>This was Gaza after WW1 , occupied by the british troops, as you can see few houses , a small village, that’s it. Now they are 2 millions…..

>You are presenting a single photograph of a town and concluding from it that Gaza was uninhabited?

What the hell is wrong with you???

First of all, it’s a town. It looks like a normal town and in no way indicates an absence of people.

Second of all, if it did indicated an absence of people, it’s one damn photograph. It is another enormous sweep of dishonesty to extrapolate from one photo a statement about an entire region.

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