Regarding #Paris

My Observations:
– Yes, they are true Muslims (see the recent analysis in the Atlantic)
– No, they won’t stop. Though it’ll probably take more such incidents to realize this.
– yes, these are runaway underclasses, but that doesn’t matter (more here:
– Multiculturalism has failed.
– Universalism has failed.
– Democracy creates malincentives by rewarding birthrates.
– You can have modern civilization or disgenic breeding patterns, not both.

My Recommendations:
– Deny welfare to new arrivals. They must work for an opportunity.
– Deny access to political power. Minorities seem to seek power when they reach 5-10% of the population.
– Replace welfare with the mutual aide societies that thrived in the US in the early 1920s. They are much better at punishing abuse because they are voluntary.
– Allow communities to voluntarily segregate themselves — “If you believe in diversity, let us organize around our beliefs!”
– Put direct restriction on Islam.

And if that doesn’t work:

– kick them all out.

Lastly, my (very, very inappropriate, trigger-warning) jokes:

It’s like the zombie apocalypse except they have an IQ of 80 instead of 40, the virus is conceptual, and you don’t have to shoot them in the head. Anywhere will do.

What do you mean it’s impossible to round up a few million people? That sounds like something a holocaust denier would say.

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