Author and anti-Islamist activist Maajid Nawaz — on Tolerating bad behavior

It’s going to come to something like this because it has to. Behavioral norms must be defended as property.

In the words of one of my intellectual heroes, Thomas Sowell: “You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.”

Of course, all this will be thrown out by the left because the left seeks political power through problems and messianic, impossible-to-achieve solutions. This is a real solution. Defend behavioral norms with violence.

It will take a long time to recognize this because from within, we don’t recognize the work that culture is doing. Culture is resolving conflict without litigation and without inappropriate levels of violence. (I say “inappropriate”, because in most of Eastern Europe, you can punch someone in the face under certain circumstances without worrying about lethal escalation.)

Anyway, only when culture is lost must we substitute something — like litigation. And only slowly will we realize the importance of behavioral norms.

This is the path for success for multi-cultural societies. Having said all this, there is nothing wrong with voluntary segregation around culture or ethnicity. All people should have a homeland. There should be homogenous places and multicultural places. I’ve heard this idea referred to as “pan nationalism”.

(thanks, Faisal Goussous​. FYI: Curt Doolittle​)

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