Sukant Chandan: ‘Brown People Must Take Over the West and Genocide Whites’

This is what so many of my friends are missing.

You cannot open your society to tribal people and treat them as equals, when they remain tribal and hostile to you. We cannot broadcast universalism unless it is reciprocal.

Every month there’s a story about some naive liberal approaching being assaulted or murdered after approaching violent people with an open heart and charitable spirit.

Sukant Chandan, a self-proclaimed ‘Son of Malcolm X,’ is a Brown racist and imperialist living in England. He advocates quite openly for the ethnic replacement of Whites in all countries where Whites are the majority – genocide in no uncertain terms – yet he continues to gain a platform on media outlets like PressTV and RT, where he erupts in self-flagellating hysterics about the evils of the “White man” and what must be done to bring about the downfall of Whites globally.

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