And Here We Go, As Expected, From Ben Shapiro: “The Anti-Semites Are Out In Force For Trump”

Denounce! Denounce! Denounce! Denounce! And then sign a confession. Communists do what communists do.


  1. I love this book series!! I can’t wait to read whispers at midnight I know I’ll finish it in one day.. I hate having to wait!! Thank you c.c. Hunter for writing these great books.. Hope I win so I dont have to wait till it comes out!! Love all the book covers too..

  2. Great post Abigail! The idea of aligning beliefs with style is an important question to consider during the holiday season as well as year-round. You certainly offer some tempting options in the form of Coclico's collection. Nicely done!

  3. Le système Chavez fonctionnant au pétrole, où Melenchon va t-il aller chercher le sien? En Russie, au Quatar, non! en Arabie? C’est un peu beaucoup l’aveu de son irréalisme, et la déception de ses adeptes va être terrible.

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