Half-White People Have to Sit in the Middle of the Victim Bus.

Hating white people for their white privilege was the progressive racism of 2015. It was a glorious time and the left cheered as racist mobs of #BlackLivesMatter supporters terrorized diners and shoppers in “white spaces” of privilege to avenge the latest drug dealer killed while attacking police officers.

But intersectional racism couldn’t rest on its laurels by screaming at six-year-olds at Christmas tree lightings or intimidating white couples having brunch for the crime of being the wrong skin color.

In 2016, intersectionality continues the fight for a more tolerant country by exposing the white privilege of the interracial. The first target was Zoe Saldana, a black actress with Dominican, Haitian and Puerto Rican roots, who was accused of “blackface” for playing Nina Simone without the requisite racial purity. A petition condemns having “light-complexioned actors” playing “the roles of dark-complexioned historical figures”. Saldana was accused of having a “Eurocentric” face that meets “European standards of beauty”, instead of an “Afrocentric” face. She was told to check her “light-skinned black woman privilege”.

Yes, black people can also have white privilege as long as their skin isn’t the right shade of black and their features aren’t “Afrocentric” enough. Intersectionality is just legitimized racism. And racism is a pathological obsession with racial purity that can never stop on its own. The reverse version of the one drop rule is that even one drop of “white blood” is enough to transmit the disease of “white privilege”.


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