> The right wing movements of Europe and America benefit from Islamic extremists.


> Islamic extremists benefit from right wing movements in Europe and America.

Disagree. Look at a history of Islamic conquest. It is what they do. The Levant and N Africa used to represent 2/3 of Christendom. Iran was Zoorastrian. Research why the Hindu Kush Mountains are called the Hindu Kush Mountains. In the earliest days of Islam, the Kharijite sect was already committing massive acts of random violence against innocent people as a means of proselytizing.

> And the real enemy of both is western liberal inclusive democracy, or multiculturalism, or as you like to label everything cultural Marxism. Do you disagree?

No. This is a very convenient framing for those intellectually and politically invested in a particular version of society (version of reality!). Unfortunately, it is untrue.

It’s a big topic to address all of this, but here are two points:

– Inclusive democracy. Once gov’t becomes the re-distributor of wealth and arbiter of morality mal incentives topple this happy myth. People vote their tribe and vote their reproductive strategy. So you have a huge majority of minorities and single women voting left. While a modest majority of whites and single men voting right.

It may be impolite to point that out, but 1) it’s reality, 2) I’m making proposals to reduce conflict while you’re making proposals which will increase conflict. You and I are in conflict because an over-reaching gov’t forces us to impose our beliefs on each other.

Inclusive democracy is incompatible with a heterogeneous society. It also seem a bit intellectually low-brow to believe a society that has only existed for about a generation is the “end of history” (ie. Fukuyama’s idea that we’ve arrived at the correct political order). Very presumptuous.

– Multiculturalism. Literal Multiculturalism would mean the preservation of cultures, not their destruction and ridicule. What’s worse, is that its advocates don’t promote a uniform destruction, but have narrowly aimed their ideology at Western Civilization.

Everything that’s European, Christian, Male, or Hetersexual gets smashed with the twin hammers of “privilege” and “tolerate-everything-else.” Everything that’s African, Hispanic, Muslim, Female, and Homosexual is surrounded by a wall of political correctness so severe that you can’t even criticize mass, organized rapes in the center of what used to be civilization.

So no. Radical Islam is not an opponent of the multi-cult. It’s the weapon of the multi-cult.

I love other cultures. I’ve traveled as a tourist to Israel, Jordan, Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia, and plan to do so again.

I don’t want any culture destroyed, but because I include European cultures in that statement, I open myself to accusations of racism.

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