Get Ready: People Are Trying to Normalize Pedophilia

A major argument of the homosexual lobby is that same-sex attraction is genetically determined—that people are born homosexual. Because that is the case, the argument follows, then if you say homosexuality is wrong, you are as hateful and bigoted as if you were condemning someone for their skin color.

Homosexual activists decry any effort to change someone’s sexual orientation as morally reprehensible (reprehensible, that is, if it is a change toward heterosexuality—I have never heard them argue that it would be wrong to persuade a heterosexual to become homosexual). After all, how can you try to change someone from his genetic destiny? They believe that the morally right thing is a full, unrestricted expression of that supposed inborn tendency.

Well, if genetics do determine morality, that notion has some serious implications.

Today’s homosexual special interest juggernaut started as a small movement. Now, there is another small movement that is growing stronger—a movement that wants to extend this same kind of morality-is-genetic argument to a new group of people: pedophiles. People who are sexually attracted to children.

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