Suicide rate of trans people in context of military service access debate

A recent study indicated a suicide attempt rate of 41 % among trans (e.g., trans, transgender, transexual/transsexual, genderqueer, two-spirit) individuals.

But you want to know what’s even more surprising than this? This paper was posted in a FB argument in DEFENSE of trans-sexuals in the military.

It’s hard to imagine why. I think it comes down to these lines:

—“Social support from friends, social support from family, and optimism significantly and negatively predicted 33 % of variance in participants’ suicidal behavior after controlling for age. Reasons for living and suicide resilience accounted for an additional 19 % of the variance.”—

Okay, we know some potential mitigating factors, but so what?

You still have 41% of trans people trying to kill themselves.

And even if we’re right about these potential mitigations, that doesn’t mean they can be implemented. Maybe parents will still be outraged at radically diminshed prospects for biological grandchildren. Maybe it perceived as a perversion that no amount of exposure will resolve. They shown biologically rooted disgust reaction from men who see homosexuals.

This is complete muddled thinking. Complete confirmation bias.

I basically said:

Trans people have a 20x chance of attempting suicide. You’re not helping these people by putting them in combat.

The response:

Oh yeah, well we understand why they’re killing themselves.

It’s a complete nonsequitor.

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