Censoring Ron Paul (then and now)

Ron Paul is certainly getting more mainstream media attention than he did when he ran for President, but the censors are still at work.

Justin Miller deserves credit for his Atlantic article pointing out how Gallup and Rasmussen polling agencies are ignoring Ron Paul as a potential 2012 candidate. They list Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour, but no Ron Paul. Justin Miller makes the rather obvious case for Ron Paul’s consideration.

Rasmussen: “In a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, it’s close to a three-way tie when GOP voters are asked whom they would vote for � from among a list of six prominent Republicans – in the 2012 party primary in their state: 25% say Romney, while 24% say Palin and 22% opt for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

After that, GOP primary voters list former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (14%), while Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty each received one percent (1%) of the vote. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate.”

(What a convenient list of establishment candidates.)



Kudos to Justin Miller, but I feel he should have at least acknowledged the widespread censorship and slander Ron Paul faced during his presidential campaign. I detailed much of it here: Censoring Ron Paul – Why the rEVOLution will not be televised, back when I was a fledgling blogger. I saved my own copies of only some (not all) of the offending coverage. Unfortunately, some of the most glaring examples have been removed by the news sources.


Lets not be surprised that Rasmussen is ignoring Ron Paul now. They even did so DURING the election:

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And this poll was AFTER Ron Paul’s 6-million-dollar money bomb.

Fox “News” ignored Ron Paul’s second place finish in Nevada:

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Fox “News” also edited Ron Paul out of AP news stories.

USA Today cover story / photos / candidate-profiles covered four of the five candidates still in race at the time. The excluded candidate was . . . (drum roll) . . . Ron Paul.

MSNBC debate bias
Romney: 21 minutes, 11 seconds (12 answers and asked 1 question)
McCain: 16 minutes even (12 answers and asked 1 question)
Giuliani: 13 minutes and 50 seconds (10 answers and asked 1 question)
Huckabee: 12 minutes and 11 seconds (8 answers and asked 1 question)
Paul: 6 minutes and 31 seconds (5 answers and asked 1 question)

The CNN/YouTube debate went for 35 minutes before Ron Paul got a question. He received the least amount of time, and only four question. (Giuliani got nine.) Hear Ron Paul comment.

Washingtonpost’s post-debate commentary excluded Ron Paul.

In a staggering display of selective perception, NY Times columnist Bob Herbert laments the GOP’s militancy, completely ignoring Ron Paul’s presence. This is especially asinine, as Herbert’s own beliefs most closely resemble Paul’s. Herbert mentions all GOP presidential candidates in his column except . . . (surprise, surprise) . . . Ron Paul.

CNN’s Glenn “Bandwagon” Beck held a political poll and excluded Ron Paul

BBC news’s election guide excluded Ron Paul.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper ranks almost all the candidates on Israel-issues (except Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich).

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Ahead of Florida Primary, extensive Miami Herald article does mention Paul, once, right at end.

LA Times poll excludes Ron Paul.

Real Clear Politics polls exclude Ron Paul.

Article about CBS news censoring Ron Paul from graphics and commentary (removed)

CNN puts up the words “Blaming America for 9-11” under Ron Paul during this video. Unfortunately, the video has been removed.

MSNBC’s Hardball:

Given Giuliani’s abysmal performance in the election, you wonder who decided he was 1st tier, and Ron Paul was 3rd tier.

Two NY Times articles attack Ron Paul on 24 Dec 2007. The NY Times then apologizes, sort of.

See Also:

(thanks Eric C.!)

The list goes on. Check out my old post Censoring Ron Paul – Why the rEVOLution will not be televised to see more. Unfortunately, there are many dead links.

UPDATE: Also check out The Orange Line – anatomy of a smear campaign.


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