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Lost Republic
"Each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend his person, his liberty, and his property."
~ Frederic Bastiat

My Review of Recent Headlines.

- Association of American Physicians and Surgeons — an organization of physicians who oppose mandatory vaccination, universal healthcare and government intervention in heathcare.

- Hidden History: The Wild West wasn’t really wild

- Ron Paul: The difference between Democracy and Republic

- Credit Suisse Declares the U.S. a Riskier Investment Than Indonesia

- Great pics: Palestinians dressed as the Na’vi from the film Avatar stage a protest against Israel’s separation barrier, also here

- There is no global warming. Period.

- Video: Smashing Myths and Restoring Sound Money

- China Dumping US Treasurys: What’s the Message?

- Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

- South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency

- Wilson’s War

- Ron Paul’s Floor Statement on Assasination

- Vancouver’s $1 billion Olympic debt

- Libertarian themes in The Simpsons

- Fannie Taps Treasury for $15.3 Billion More After a 10th Loss

- The War on Terror Is Anti-Conservative

- New Yorker writer writes great article describing moral hazard in medicine, then, instead of searching for the root of the hazard, concludes money is evil and free markets don’t work: The Cost Conundrum

- ABC News plans 25% cutback — see also: I’m a blogger, hear me roar!

- Congressman Ron Paul returns a whopping $100,000 of his office budget to the US Treasury

- Rebuttal to Neo-Con article “Hawks we are, hawks we must remain.”

- The Census and Despotism

- Ron Paul win primary with 80% of vote!

- Iceland’s Voters About to Tell Global Banksters to Shove It

- Ron Paul: How I would put the Constitution back in the Oval Office

- In Louisiana, you need the government position to arrange flowers

- Peter Schiff’s outstanding commentary continues: Pretending job losses are good news, subsidizing Freddie & Fannie (irresponsibility), & more

- Greece’s austerity plan condemned by trade unions & public sector employees, Violent Protests in Greece. My interpretation: many people live not off the free market, but from government coercion. These are people who earn government salaries, industries with government subsidies or protections. Many politicians have made their careers by granting favors to these groups. Once a government is no longer able to pay them, these people should be force into the voluntary sector of the economy, but they do not go quietly. They protest, cry, advertise their suffering in an attempt to get to government to continue it’s exploitation of the voluntary economy on their behalf.

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