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Black Lives Matter creating mal-incentives for the criminal class

Black Lives Matter creating mal-incentives for the criminal class:

Once again, the elite and successful will be dragged down by the inexcusable behavior of their underclasses which can only be ignored for so long.

It’s fascinating to lurk on forums and listen to immigrants from Africa (especially Nigeria, for some reason) discuss why for the most part, their communities remain separate.

Taleb refutes Pinker on war — The retreat of good people faced with aggressive people

Evidence of the retreat of good people faced with aggressive people. We need institutions that recognize social norms as property and allow for their defense (with violence).

For example Pinker complacently observes that the Victorians were shocked and horrified by a crime wave, but neglects to observe that this crime wave consisted of one mugging in London every few months – which crime wave never went away, but instead people got used to it, and then it got vastly worse, and people got used to it again, and then it got vastly worse still, and people attempted to abandon much of their cities to savages, and then the crime wave followed them, and there is now no safe area in London. The idea of the inner city as some kind of jungle is new, starting in the late nineteen forties, early fifties. Early in the twentieth century, the idea that the affluent and respectable might have to abandon vast expanses of wealth and property, of huge, beautiful and high status buildings where once the wealthy and fashionable lived, to the vandalism and depravity of savages would have been as unimaginable as wolves and bears prowling the streets of London to devour passers by.

Curt: Islamic Law

the problem is that in practice it very much matters that Jewish and Islamic law is so substantially different from Western common and continental law. Particularly in that western law is universal and inclusive, Jewish Law is dual-ethical and arguably unethical, and Islamic law is intolerant and hostile. And both Jewish and Islamic law are separatist for the purpose of prohibiting integration.

It simply is not true that Catholic entry into America was not disastrous for the constitution or that Jewish immigration was even more so.

Aristocracy (those of us who are educated and debate the empirical consequences of these matters) are relatively irrelevant because we are not dependent upon our tribes for information. But the middle and lower classes are inversely dependent on norms and traditions and related status signals as well as peer opinion in order to act.

As such it is our lower and middle classes that demonstrate our cultural differences, and the opportunity middle and upper who parley those biases by way of votes under democracy into political power that exacerbates our differences.

Internet the monarchies we had diversity and lots of it because political power was denied as a means of status competition. And only market competition provided a means of signalling.

This is one of the most important readons why democracy has been a catastrophe for western man.

Black crime statistics, police violence statistics, and lying progressives.

Progressives make their case with anecdotes. Conservatives need to counter with data.

The conservative strategy has to be telling the truth, and being as intolerant of lies as possible. Constantly ask them: Why are you lying?

“Police in America kill around 300 black people per year. Black criminals kill 1000 white people and over 6000 blacks. So yes, we can talk about the police thing. But we’ve got some other things to talk about too…”

Outside of STEM disciplines, Universities are no longer place where people learn to seek truth. They are places where people learn to lie.

Eli Harman on Altruistic Punishment

ALTRUISTIC PUNISHMENT: “I will bear a cost in order to impose a cost on someone for imposing costs on others.”

Directly, no one wins, it’s a lose/lose/lose; costs all the way around.

Indirectly, we all benefit from the maintenance of a normative commons that discourages people from imposing costs, negative externalities, on others or refraining from contributing to benefits, positive externalities, which are shared.

This is a common human behavior and it is impossible to understand human behavior, or the evolution of societies and polities, without understanding altruistic punishment.