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Only Jews Have a Right to Their Identity, Claims Leading Jewish Supremacist

European Americans who want to keep America’s “essence” European are a “scourge” but Israel has a “non-negotiable right” to be Jewish.

This is the opinion of leading anti-European Jewish supremacist Menachem Rosensaft, who claims to be the “Founding Chairman of the International Network of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors” and regular columnist in the Zionist-controlled mass media.


It turns out that the gender gap in tech related fields is smaller in poorer countries. In Mexico and Turkey, a proportionally higher % of women go into tech than in the US and Canada.

While there are different ways to interpret this data, it seems likely that given more freedom, many women express themselves by going into more socially oriented fields.

The gender gap could just as easily be interpreted as evidence of liberty and prosperity, than as oppression.

Prosperity seems to encourage gender dimorphism.

In this era when “I identify as” has replaced “I am”, why is it so hard to accept that given the opportunity, many men choose a more masculine imagine, and many women a more feminine one, than each of them would be able to choose in a poorer society?

Answer: the left needs victims. They are nothing without an angry and restless class of victims.

Compare sexual dimorphism in birds which evolved with / without evolutionary pressure from predators and starvation.

Poverty out, Inequality in (a rant)

A bit of advice for all my leftist friends (if any of you still read my FB wall):

If you’re serious about being a leftist, you should get with the program — poverty is out, because it’s just too RIDICULOUS, and equality is in. Your peers made this pivot long ago and you should too.

Signal your moral superiority regarding inequality and you’ll still get a few suckers to admire you. Signal your moral superiority with “poverty”, and you’ll just look stupid.

I know what poverty looks like. I’ve seen it in Afghanistan and Tanzania. And I live in Ukraine which is far poorer than ANY american demographic. Officially, among the people designated as “poor” in the US —

76 percent have air conditioning.
66 percent have more than two rooms of living space per person.
97 percent own at least one color television.
62 percent have either cable or satellite television.
Almost 75 percent of households own a car (30 percent own two or more).
73 percent own microwave ovens.
More than 50 percent have stereos.
33 percent have automatic dishwashers.
99 percent have refrigerators.
Virtually none lack running water or flushing toilets.
46 percent own their own home, the average of which is a three bedroom house with 1.5 baths

This is why the LYING left has abandoned the poverty argument. The left murdered millions of people in their defense of the poor, and then capitalism solved poverty. Your messiah has come. But the lying, power-hungry left, has no use for a messiah who actually shows up.

So, poverty is out. Inequality is in. Inequality is better because it has been around among humans for 50,000 years, and eradicating it is impossible — so you can have your “permanent revolution” as Lenin advised.

Good luck.

Jordan Peterson on the Left’s Lying

If academics were intellectually honest, they would have fallen prey to their own logic long ago.

“Is your pain real? This is a question for people who think there is no such thing as meaning. You try to argue yourself out of pain and see how far you get. You might think ‘well that’s not the sort of meaning I meant.’ But you know, a negative meaning is a place to start. If there is something negative and it’s real that does imply there is something positive that’s real. It might be harder to get ahold of. At least it’s not pain.” – Jordan Peterson

I am tired of pointing out leftist hypocrisy.

I am tired of pointing out leftist hypocrisy. It’s too easy. My new interest is underlying causes. Here are a few theories, and after writing them, they all seem like restatements of the same theory:

1. Thomas Sowell’s paradigm that conservatives see the world in terms of trade offs, while the left sees it in terms of good vs evil. If you believe yourself to be fighting evil, lies are more acceptable.

2. Haidt’s morality chart showing Harm-Care and Fairness as the ONLY positive dimensions of morality for radical leftists. (Sanctity, Authority, Loyalty are not only less important, but in fact, negatives.) Perhaps they are on one hand, desperate to exercise Harm-Care, and on the other indignant toward the “Sanctity” and “Authority” of the rules of debate: truth telling, consistency, precise meaning.

3. Evolutionary biology as the consilient field of all social sciences: The left is intuitively female, the right is intuitively male. If you’re exercising the moral instincts that evolved with childrearing, it makes perfect sense that you treat every impulse and whim as if it were a universal principle. We want mothers to care for babies and families in such a devoted, uncompromising way. But this moral intuition cannot be allowed to govern all of society because it’s so inconsistent and impulsive. It needs limits. The male moral intuition evolved to solve the prisoners dilemma of facing danger as a group (duty, honor, courage), and therefore, much more readily embraces “no matter what” type rules and principles.

on Sam Harris

My first time listening to Sam Harris.

It would be difficult, honest, and helpful for Sam Harris to identify and compare moral frameworks.

Instead he does what is easy, dishonest, and damaging.

1. Rely on emotional arguments and analogy
2. address the most literal interpretation of scripture (shooting fish in a barrel)
3. completely ignore the role of tradition and sanctity in society’s survival
4. conclude with a blatant lie: “if there is a less moral, moral framework, I have not heard it.”

Has he not heard of atheistic communism which is not only indifferent to the suffering of the unfortunate (the charge for which he condemns Christianity), but actively creates and justifies such suffering???

That thing at the end is the slight of hand you often see. You get hooked on the emotional arguments he feeds you, and then boom, the subject changes. All of sudden it isn’t that literal religion does correspond to our moral intuition, but rather, religion is the WORST THING EVER. Study Haidt for the role of sanctity and tradition in a society’s survival.


So I had to eventually listen to this Sam Harris – Jonathan Haidt discussion:

(It starts at 27:00.) If anyone has already read some of Haidt’s work, this discussion reveals more about the participants than the subject.

Harris seemed out of his depth. His shtick seems too much like Frankfurt School “deconstruction” — using partial explanations to ridicule and condemn a whole social framework while applying no scrutiny whatsoever to the vague plan you have for improvement.

I think he’d do great work if he did comparisons instead of criticisms.

Harris gets no traction with his usual emotional appeals and analogies, and a couple of times, when Haidt introduced new ideas, it seemed like he responded with “word salads” — basically saying, “Look! I know things too! I’m relevant!”

In the end, Harris does the gentlemanly thing and relegates himself to the role of interview.

The term Racism has been Rendered Meaningless

My left-leaning friends may not accept hearing this from me. Just as economic Marxists apriori dismissed arguments by people of the wrong economic class (via dialectical materialism), today’s cultural Marxists apriori dismiss arguments of the wrong ethnic/gender class (via all the invisible flavors of racism).

So here is a person from one the “good” classes making the same argument:


There was no “white lash,” at least not at the voting booths.

Haitians voted Trump. Cubans voted Trump. A smaller % of whites voted Trump 2016 than for Romney 2012 (58% vs 59%). A higher % of blacks and latinos.

There was no “white lash,” at least not at the voting booths. The “white lash” is what will happen in 2020 if the left doubles down on their “everyone is racist” religion.

“The poppy has become a symbol of racism – I have never worn one, and now I never will”

Looks like we have another symbol to play with.

—“Yet the poppy just manages to sneak onto the screen of BBC World; it is permissable, you see, the very last symbol that “our” dead remain more precious than the millions of human beings we have killed, in the Middle East for example, for whom we wear no token of remembrance. . . . And in this sense, I fear that the wearing of the poppy has become a symbol of racism.”—