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Lost Republic
"It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking."
~ Ron Paul

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Has calling someone a White Male become an insult in the US?

Posted in Egalitarianism / Culture Wars, Election / Politicians on July 11th, 2013

This seems to be an increasing trend in the US.

Christians (Catholics in this case) have every reason to stand up for themselves.

Posted in Egalitarianism / Culture Wars, Election / Politicians on June 21st, 2013

Christians (Catholics in this case) have every reason to stand up for themselves. Imagine what the reproductions would be if Obama went to Saudi Arabia and criticized madrasas, or if he went to Israel and said, “you Jews shouldn’t have synagogue schools.”

Obama family living like royalty

Posted in Corruption, Election / Politicians, Money/Economy/Taxes on June 20th, 2013

DOUBLESPEAK — Guns, and a regime that doesn’t represents its people.

Posted in Arab Spring, Election / Politicians, Gun Ownership, Pic, War Without End on June 18th, 2013

DOUBLESPEAK is the standard, the new normal. Few people are surprised by it. Nevertheless, I thought this was funny and timely:

lost republic

Professor tells class Republican Party is “stupid and racist”

Posted in Egalitarianism / Culture Wars, Election / Politicians, Vote Fraud on April 17th, 2013

At CPAC, The Future Looks Libertarian

Posted in Election / Politicians on April 14th, 2013

open quoteThe libertarian domination of CPAC follows years of growing support at the annual conference starting from the final years of the George W. Bush administration, forming a schism in the Republican Party the GOP has yet to repair. And after the defeat of Mitt Romney, who won the nomination on the support of establishment conservatives, the insurgent and fiercely independent groups have claimed this CPAC as their time to shine.close quote (Read more)

Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit

Posted in Election / Politicians, Money/Economy/Taxes on April 10th, 2013

open quoteThe Obama administration is engaged in a broad push to make more home loans available to people with weaker credit, an effort that officials say will help power the economic recovery but that skeptics say could open the door to the risky lending that caused the housing crash in the first place.

President Obama’s economic advisers and outside experts say the nation’s much-celebrated housing rebound is leaving too many people behind, including young people looking to buy their first homes and individuals with credit records weakened by the recession.close quote (Read more)

Rep. DeGette (D-CO) Doesn’t Understand High-Capacity Magazines Can Be Reloaded

Posted in Election / Politicians, Gun Ownership on April 10th, 2013

Scott Horton on Rand Paul

Posted in Election / Politicians on April 5th, 2013

open quoteBad On:
Backstabbing the best politician ever for Mitt somebody(?)
Israeli occupation, aid, war guarantee
Iran sanctions, “military option” “on table”
Accountability for torture
Drug War
Iraqi refugees
Kristol, Senor
Domestic Drone strikes if FBI does it (Really.)
And he excluded non-citizen “US-persons” from his two good things: NDAA amendment and filibuster demand
But other than that he’s just great and every libertarian should support his coming run in the 2016 primaries.close quote

Sequester is a tiny (2.3%) reduction in rate of growth of spending

Posted in Corruption, Election / Politicians, Money/Economy/Taxes on April 4th, 2013


Posted in Big Media, Election / Politicians, Pic on April 4th, 2013

lost republic

This picture reminds me of how easily people like David Frum divorce themselves from their feverish advocacy of policies after all the death and destruction has been wrought.

Take it to the bank: Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to raise minimum wage to $22 per hour

Posted in Election / Politicians, Money/Economy/Taxes on April 1st, 2013

open quoteSen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, suggested raising the minimum wage to $22 per hour is only logical if you look at the numbers.

“If we started in 1960, and we said [that] as productivity goes up … then the minimum wage was going to go up the same … if that were the case, the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour,” the senator said, at a recent Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on “Keeping up with a Changing Economy: Indexing the Minimum Wage.”close quote (Read more)


This deserves a double face palm.

Reagan meets with Taliban “heroes”

Posted in Afghanistan, Election / Politicians, Pic on March 26th, 2013

Reagan meets with Taliban heroes

Top Secret Ex Cia black Ops, Chip Tatum , “neutralizing” Ross Perot

Posted in Assassination, CIA, Election / Politicians, Secret Wars on March 22nd, 2013

How Obama Beat the Israel Lobby

Posted in Election / Politicians, Israel Lobby on March 17th, 2013

Yes, the mighty Lobby didn’t get what it wanted, for now. It seems Sen. Schumer gave up ground here in exchange for a leadership position later.

open quoteI am not one for admitting I am wrong but sometimes the evidence is so overwhelming that I have to say it. I was wrong.

Specifically I have been repeatedly wrong when I said that the Israel lobby could not be defeated unless and until the President of the United States confronted it directly. In that situation, I always believed the United States would prevail. I did not understand that a deft president could beat the lobby through indirect means — by quietly using his authority to prevail.

But that is what happened when the Obama administration first nominated and then achieved the confirmation of former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

There of course are those who accept the line put out by the lobby, most notably its main component AIPAC, that it was neutral on Hagel.

That is just silly. If AIPAC was neutral, it could have ended the whole battle against him by issuing a statement that it recognized a president’s right to choose his own cabinet. That might not have stopped Republican groups like Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee ror Israel or Sheldon Adelson’s Republican Jewish Coalition from pursuing their smear campaign against Hagel, but it would have stopped the very mainstream Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee from joining the attack. AIPAC’s public silence on a campaign waged by its closest allies demonstrated what it wanted: Hagel’s defeat.

President Obama outsmarted the lobby by ignoring it. He understood that if he could get Sen. Chuck Schumer to endorse Hagel, then the game would be over. That is because Schumer, a Jewish senator from New York, is the de facto leader of the lobby’s forces in Congress.

Usually a hardliner on all matters relating to the Middle East, Schumer might have been expected to oppose Hagel and thereby give a signal to his fellow Democrats that doing so was the safe pro-Israel position. Had he done that some Democrats would have felt that they had better oppose Hagel.

With most Republicans already on record as opposing his nomination, just a shift of a few Democrats would have killed the nomination. Schumer’s announcement in support of Hagel guaranteed that not a single Democrat would oppose him.

So what convinced Schumer to stand with Obama on Hagel? My friends on Capitol Hill, who without exception correctly predicted Schumer’s position, tell me that it was made clear to him that he could not oppose Obama on Hagel and still expect to become leader of Senate Democrats when Harry Reid retires.close quote (Read more)

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