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Jewish Republicans conflicted over Trump

Prominent Jewish Republican leaders and activists show little sign of being able to unify publicly in responding to Donald Trump’s emergence as their party’s presidential front-runner — even after Trump’s failure to condemn dedicated anti-Semites and racists and his declaration that he would be “neutral” on Israel.

With Trump’s triumph in the March 1 Super Tuesday primaries, some in the community are sounding alarm bells, calling for action before it is too late to stop his race to the top. But others in the Jewish Republican camp are cautioning against collectively rejecting Trump.

Kasparov lectured by Sanders supporters

I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.

Rant: The left’s good and evil paradigm.

Again, and again, we see the wisdom of Thomas Sowell’s observation that the right sees in the world in terms of trade offs, while the left sees the world in terms of right and wrong.

For the left, it’s a never ending parade of savage injustices which must be vanquished from the face of the Earth, and no cost is too high.

Just months ago, the big enemy of the people was money in politics (lion-hunting dentists aside). Now a political outsider is winning and vastly under-spending candidates who’ve received HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars (Hillary – $188 Million, Jeb – $158 Million, Ted Cruz – $104 Million, also Bernie – $96 Million), and what happens?

In the blink of an eye, one enemy to end all enemies is gone, and another one arrives. Trump ($27 Million) won’t denounce the long list of people they demand he denounce.

In their eyes civilization is always teetering on the brink. Imminent destruction is the steady rock in the lefts otherwise rapidly changing narrative. What happened to the lack of medical care? The anti-war movement with code pink? Peak oil? Over population — weren’t famines imminent by 2000? Originally, communism was great because it produced MORE material wealth? Since then, material wealth itself has had it’s stage time as the great evil to end all evils.

Again and again and again. It’s the nurturing instinct run amok. Every whim and fad masquerades a universal principal and dividing line between good and evil. Every inconvenience is a fault in the structure of civilization, and the only remedy is burning the civilized world.

Again and again. If there’s an anthem to the imbecile, catastrophic march of the left, it’s this quote post-modernist philosopher Richard Rorty betraying the hollowness of the left: “I think that a good Left is a party that always thinks about the future and doesn’t care much about our past sins.”

And yes, there’s a reason all the post-modernists were radical leftist. Once the pitiful disasters of “scientific socialism” became too monstrous to ignore, the left needed a weapon with which to attack epistemology.

And they got it. The university replaced the church. Departments are the new temples and tenured professors are the new priesthood. Like the church, they attempt to bend reality by chanting desirable lies. Like the church, they loathe heretics, and denounce them when physical violence is out of reach. The university is the new moderator of morality.

I say as others do: burn the Cathedral — for the sake of modern civilization.

Curt on Politicians of various nationalities

When Canadian Politicians speak they are irresponsibly ideologically utopian
When British Politicians speak they are pragmatically utopian.
When American Politicians speak they are always overly optimistic.
When German Politicians speak the are speaking ideologically while trying not to.
When Hindu Politicians speak, they trying to avoid embarrassment by the truth.
When Italian Politicians speak they are obscuring truth with humor.
When French Politicians speak they use false morality to obscure immorality.
When Jewish Politicians speak they don’t have any idea what the truth or lie is.
When Russians Politicians speak they are always telling half truths to hide a lie.
When Chinese Politicians speak they are always lying – its their way of life.

The amazing failure that is Bernie Sanders’ life

Before he achieved political office, Bernie Sanders never had a steady paycheck in the first four decades of his life. . . . Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything.

Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult. It took him 40 years to collect his first steady paycheck — and it was a government check. One of his first jobs was registering people for food stamps, and it was all downhill from there.

. . . he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “masturbation and rape” and other crudities for $50 a story.

Friends said he was “always poor” and his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.

The only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off.