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"In those days there were no kings in Israel, every man did what was right in his own eyes."
~ Judges 21:25

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Jerusalem Skunk — American Tax Dollars at Work

Posted in Israel/Palestine on November 17th, 2014

“These videos have surfaced of Jerusalem police driving calmly through quiet empty East Jerusalem neighborhoods drenching elementary schools and residences with a putrid liquid with the stench of feces and rotting animal carcass, commonly referenced as “skunk spray”. 972+ has the story. “The skunk water targeted the A-Tur [Mount of Olives neighborhood] elementary school for boys, the elementary and high school for girls, a high school for boys and the ‘Basma’ elementary school for disabled children. All four schools are located on the neighborhood’s main street.””


Sweden recognizes Palestinian state; Israel upset

Posted in Israel/Palestine on October 30th, 2014

Sweden on Thursday became the biggest Western European country to recognize a Palestinian state, prompting a strong protest from Israel, which swiftly withdrew its ambassador from Stockholm.
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The move by Sweden’s new left-leaning government reflects growing international impatience with Israel’s nearly half-century control of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and its blockade of the Gaza Strip. It also comes during increased tensions between Arabs and Jews over Israel’s plans to build 1,000 housing units in east Jerusalem.


The UK Has Voted to Recognize Palestine as a State

Posted in Israel/Palestine on October 14th, 2014

The United Kingdom’s Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a non-binding motion recognizing Palestine as a state alongside Israel.

The House voted by 274 MPs to 12 to adopt the motion, which called on the government to “recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel,” with an amendment adding the words “as a contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution.”

The decision will not change government policy but could have international implications.

Government ministers, including Prime Minister David Cameron, abstained in the vote.


Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally

Posted in Immigration, Israel/Palestine on October 9th, 2014


Palestinian Youth Burned Alive in Revenge Murder

Posted in Israel/Palestine on August 21st, 2014


John McCain, Israel, ISIS

Posted in Election / Politicians, Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine, Secret Wars on August 21st, 2014

The Spread of the Caliphate

Posted in Egalitarianism / Culture Wars, European Union, Israel/Palestine, Lost Republic Original on August 8th, 2014

1. The Enlightenment’s great error was the assumption of universalism. We still suffer from it. Profoundly.

2. The ISIS situation is exacerbated by the brain drain of Arab professionals into the western world. They left behind a critical mass of mouth-breathing knuckle draggers. If you want to spread western values, do it by example, not by opening the borders.

3. Jews have and continue to aggressively advocate open European borders, plus cultural relativism because they themselves have needed to infiltrate European cultures. They’ve gone too far in lowering the ramparts and upending the culture of their warriors with post-modernism. If Europe is colonized and its culture diluted beyond recognition, they will all be killed, and their killers won’t feel bad about it either. They won’t build monuments and museums as Europeans do.


What do I mean by universalism?

Much of the world neither wants nor is capable of individualism, logic, reason, I would also add “high trust” which is a European phenomenon though probably not an Enlightenment discovery.

The west, both in Britain’s colonialism and today in its open-border policy, continues to act as if everybody is a member of the family (high trust society), continues to act as if peoples living mysticism and superstition can be governed by our greater reliance on logic and reason.

This is a mistake. Many (most) people want collectivism, mysticism, superstition. The Enlightenment will reassert itself by nationalizing it’s values. A fence will be put around it. I hope this happens before a bloody clash of civilizations, and not after, thought it may already be too late.

Much of the rest of the world has been unwillingly and ungratefully dragged out of ignorance poverty and disease by the fruits of the Enlightenment. Their best chance at continuing civilizational progress would be if their intellectuals remained there, instead of joining the western civilization, and voluntarily became a sort of aristocracy.


Trusting outsiders and using ethical code with them. Expecting them to do the same. Only Northern Europeans do so.

^^ as exemplified by the idiotic statement of some Swedish politicians “we have to be nice to the Muslims now so that they’ll be nice to us when we are the minority.”


Am I anti-semitic?


First of all, let’s discuss whether something is TRUE. Not if it’s racist or anti-semitic, or mysoginist. Truth has been lost in the era of post-modernism. It’s Foucault’s vision — language is devoid of meaning, it’s just a struggle for power. As a writer, you should not accept this.

Secondly, the first paragraph above described an error of Christians, the second an error of Muslims and the third an error of Jews.

No more empty accusations, please.

Cultures vary and I won’t be intimidated into silence.

Here’s the scholarly work from UC Long Beach professor Kevin MacDonald: http://www.amazon.com/The-Culture-Critique…/dp/0759672229


Let me restate this because I have a bad feeling that I offended my friends xxx and xxx.

I’m hypothesizing about the cultural degradation which lead to little girls being beheaded . . . in 2014!!!!! Want to see pictures? http://www.catholic.org/news/international/middle_east/story.php?id=56339

Here is my hypothesis:

1) Christian Europe universalized familial trust — especially protestant Europe, less so Catholic Europe, and I’m not sure but I think Orthodox Europe (my ancestors) are just a border-land civilization. Especially in protestant Europe, every person was considered a relative. This is the high trust society. It’s the only part of the world in which tribalism was defeated. This became the foundation for modern civilization.

But Christian Europe also has a psychopathic altruism which led them to incorrectly attempt to universalize its norms.

They opening Europe’s borders to millions of tribal people and expecting them to reciprocate European universalism. Expecting them to contribute the commons (social norms) by forgoing the opportunity cost of good behavior.

They expecting universalism to spread, along with the Enlightenment triumphs of logic and reason over mysticism, pseudo-science. They take truth for granted. They didn’t guard truth as it needs to be guarded.

They’re making a mistake. Western values will neither be adopted or preserved under these assumptions.

2) Arab Muslims, like everybody else in the world, wanted to live among the riches of modern civilization, under rule of law and private property rights. There has been an enormous brain drain from the Muslim world into Europe. The very people who were most likely to champion logic, reason, universalism, exactly what the hugely tribal, superstitious Muslim world needs, have abandoned their civilization. You’re left with people finding virtue in the beheading of small children, in the destruction of millenia-old monuments, in the genocide of Christians, Yazidis.

The aristocracy of the Muslim world who has fled to Europe is making a mistake, assuming its goal is to improve the prosperity of their own civilization. If their goal is abandoment of their civilization, or worse, destruction of the European civilization, then they’re probably proceeding correctly.

3) For millenia, Jews have been out numbered and far from home, relying on their intelligence for survival. To maintain their place among the warrior cultures of Europe, they’ve promoted, especially in the past 150 years, open borders and cultural relativism (we all bleed red, what’s the difference who your neighbors are?). Because they’re the smartest people in the world, they’ve been very successful. But the Frankfurt School ideas of multiculturalism, relativism have taken on the fervor of a secular religion. Heretics (like me) are mercilessly denounced.

They are also making a mistake. This strategy has not and will not keep them safe. The more they tear down the gates and the social norms of Western civilization, the less safe they will be.

That’s my hypothesis. The obvious omission is the political turmoil the west and Israel has created in the Muslim world which has created a vacuum being filled by ISIS.


Orthodox Christianity — I don’t know. They haven’t really exported any cultural norms as Protestant Europe has. They’ve sort of learned some rationalism from the Enlightenment, but are still very superstitious. I see them as middle shade in the cultural gradient. What are their defining characteristics?

1. Keeping the Mongols / Ottomans away?
2. Being a cultural buffer?


Incidentally, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the enormous contributions of Jewish thinkers all came from individuals at least two generations out of the insular ghettos and into the Western, Aristotelian paradigm.


We should all concern ourselves with how to spread good ideas. I think you’ve answered it with “giving people responsibility before they prove capability is asking for trouble.”

I think Europeans fail to recognize the fragility of their civilization. They assume that everybody universalizes trust. They don’t regard this as a norm that needs to be defended with violence. Enforced.

This is the “European miracle” that dragged the whole rest of the world out of poverty, ignorance and disease. It’s an anomaly. It didn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

Hell, it’s not even a European norm, but a Northern/Western European norm.

Only the nuclear family cultures achieved this. The extended family cultures of southern and eastern Europe remained more tribal. They have a dual loyalty — one to your kin and one to society. It’s no coincidence that the extended family cultures of southern and eastern Europe are much more corrupt than the nuclear family cultures of northern and western Europe.

Southern and Eastern Europe just had an excellent, nearby example to follow.

I’m rambling. The point is:

1. Recognize norms as something special and defend them — with violence.
2. Doing so — protecting your culture — will serve as an example for surrounding culture.

Israeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza

Posted in Israel/Palestine on August 5th, 2014

An Israeli official has called for concentration camps in Gaza and ‘the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters’.

Moshe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, posted the inflammatory message on his Facebook page at the weekend.

He lays out a detailed plan for the destruction of Gaza – which includes shipping its residents across the world – in a letter he addressed to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The message, which received more than 2,000 likes on his page, lists four action points which he wants to be enforced as soon as possible.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2715466/Israeli-official-calls-concentration-camps-Gaza-conquest-entire-Gaza-Strip-annihilation-fighting-forces-supporters.html#ixzz39Ylce7PF
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Israeli Website Publishes Piece Titled “When Genocide Is Permissible”

Posted in Israel/Palestine on August 2nd, 2014


NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children

Posted in Big Media, Israel/Palestine on July 18th, 2014


This chart shows every person killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict since 2000

Posted in Israel/Palestine on July 15th, 2014


Hamas and the Tyranny of Labels

Posted in Israel/Palestine on April 29th, 2014

The Israeli and U.S. posture toward Hamas is fundamentally self-contradictory. It involves saying that a certain form of behavior is unacceptable and then making impossible the use of alternative behavior. It involves saying that we don’t like a group because it has used violence instead of peaceful negotiations, and then refusing to negotiate with it. The same self-contradictory posture was exhibited in 2006, when Hamas did the most that any party could do to be accepted as a legitimate, peacefully installed representative of its people—it contested and won a free and fair election—but then Israel and the United States refused to recognize the election result. That not only contradicted the rationale for not talking to Hamas but also contradicted a supposed commitment to democracy.

Greater unity and cooperation between Fatah and Hamas is fundamentally a good thing for whatever possibility remains of a negotiated two-state solution, because a single Palestinian negotiating team that can plausibly and legitimately speak for the Palestinian people as a whole is necessary for reaching such an agreement. The reality of the Gaza Strip cannot be wished away. In the meantime, however, this latest announcement has become yet another excuse for Netanyahu not to negotiate seriously or not to negotiate at all.


Israeli Avocados Boycotted

Posted in Israel/Palestine on February 10th, 2014


Ultra-nationalist rabbis warn John Kerry of divine punishment for the peace process

Posted in Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine on February 7th, 2014


Scott Horton & MJ Rosenberg on AIPAC’s fading influence

Posted in Iran, Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine on February 7th, 2014


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