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The term Racism has been Rendered Meaningless

My left-leaning friends may not accept hearing this from me. Just as economic Marxists apriori dismissed arguments by people of the wrong economic class (via dialectical materialism), today’s cultural Marxists apriori dismiss arguments of the wrong ethnic/gender class (via all the invisible flavors of racism).

So here is a person from one the “good” classes making the same argument:




The cat’s been out of bag on Haidt’s morality research for a while, but it deserves a reminder. It could not be more timely.

People with different political views should start by identifying where they and they’re adversary lie on Haidt’s chart.

It’s the best (only?) language I know for discussing politics scientifically, freeing us from the “good/bad” language typically used to shroud the intuition embedded in our genes.

Our intuition makes us sensitive to different types of problem. We’re all blind and biased. Start here.


Post election violence

We shouldn’t stoop to defining the other side by the worst of its members. I will stoop a little, however and point out that only the left has proven hoaxes (, and more incriminating raw footage of real physical violence (

and let’s say nothing of the riots.

There was no “white lash,” at least not at the voting booths.

Haitians voted Trump. Cubans voted Trump. A smaller % of whites voted Trump 2016 than for Romney 2012 (58% vs 59%). A higher % of blacks and latinos.

There was no “white lash,” at least not at the voting booths. The “white lash” is what will happen in 2020 if the left doubles down on their “everyone is racist” religion.

Description of hysterics at Clinton Victory Speech

This is absurd, but it seems unavoidable when 300 million people are sanctioned to tell each other how to live. Two solutions:

a) Deny people access to political power.
b) Minimize the role of government in our lives.

States rights accomplish both of these things, at least to a limited extent.

“I was at the main hub where Hillary was supposed to give her victory speech. Jesus Christ it was the WORST experience of my life. My mom dragged me along because she wanted to witness history and be there when the first woman president addressed the country. I KID YOU NOT, Every time (and I’m fucking serious i mean EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.) it was announced that another state had voted trump, maybe around 4 women would collapse, or just straight up bodyslam themselves to the ground and begin to either convulse, scream their heads off with tears streaming down their faces as if they’ve just been stabbed, or pretend to faint and lay on the ground for like 20 seconds like an idiot playing dead. I’d even hear screams from women across the crowd yell out “Oh my god, she’s having a heart attack, someone call 911!” meaning that it wasn’t just happening around the area I was standing. There was so much fucking screaming from the women near the end (like emotional screaming, not cheers) that I almost left before it was over. I even remember seeing one white chick screaming so hard that her whole head and eyes were bloodshot red, veins throbbing on her neck and everything. I moved my mother and myself towards the back of the crowd when they were going to announce the final vote because I knew the exits would be clogged up by more retards pretending to be ill or some shit causing the only exits to be blocked and everyone unable to leave. I wasn’t wrong. Luckily I was one of the first ones out. Godamn it, even when we were walking down the hallways to get to the parking lot, there were so many fucking women sitting on the ground against the wall slumped over with people fanning their faces with homemade Hillary Clinton posters, screaming “Give her some air! Move away and give her air!”. The whole thing was fucking wild, like what could you possibly change by acting out like that?” Anonymous /pol/

list of now-abandoned leftist hysteria

Anti-war was the most important thing in the world,
and then Obama took over the wars and started new ones.

Providing better medical care was the most important thing in the world,
and then the bloated and ineffective Obamacare became law.

Banker privilege was the most important thing in the world,
and then bankers supported Hillary Clinton.

Stopping corporate political donations was the most important thing in the world,
and then corporations supported Hillary Clinton.

Stopping global warming was the most important thing in the world,
and then none of those models or predictions came true.

Overpopulation was the most important thing in the world,
and then European birthrates plateaued, and others did not.

Protecting women was the most important thing in the world,
and then Muslim migrants started attacking women.

Protecting workers was the most important thing in the world,
and then accepting immigrants became paramount.

Post-Modern “Philosopher” and radical leftist Richard Rorty: “I think that a good Left is a party that always thinks about the future and doesn’t care much about our past sins.”

‘Feminist’ Trudeau under attack for attending gender-segregated event at Ottawa mosque

It’s already been established that making the West more Muslim is more important to leftists than making it more feminist. So Feminists, sit down and shut up. You’re being thrown under the cultural marxist bus, just like you threw working class white men under the bus.

Pro tip: As German authorities recently advised in their country, you should wear sneakers to outrun rapists. Good luck.

What is the alt-right?

Good discussion in this video. I thought I understood the alt-right, but I learned a lot here.

“White Americans are beginning to learn that they need to play the game like everyone else.”

The assumption of universalism is being lost. This is an seismic shift in the psychology of the American political scene.

Universalism may have persevered if we’d maintained a meritocracy, but the left created a religion out of ethnic and gender groups assigning white men the role of the devil. The rise of white identity politics, for better or worse, seems inevitable.

NPR’s anti-human propaganda: Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

It’s a tragedy to see so many good people fall for this nonsense. I console myself by imagining that this as the process through which humanity sheds from its gene pool that excessive nurturing instinct which is probably no longer a benefit to one’s genes in the modern world.

In the modern world, long free from the Malthusian Trap, aggression (at least a little) seems a better evolutionary strategy than boundless altruism.

Anti-war people are now pro-immigration people

Anti-war people are now pro-immigration people, so this will fall the deaf ears.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Ends ‘Era of Nation Building,’ Time to ‘Chart a New Course’

The left always needs a new tail to chase. The left is in a permanent state of rediscovering itself. That’s the only way it can hide from the constant disasters it creates.

I believe in believing

Long after my literal belief in the Bible waned, Ive gained deep appreciation of what Christianity does for society. I believe in believing.

> What books would I recommend for an elaboration of my praise of Christianity’s role in society?

Fukuyama’s Trust and Origin of Political Order.
Duchesne’s Uniqueness of Western Civilization.

None of these books is about Christianity. They’re about the problem that Christianity solves, namely Trust, and how it plays out in the development (or lack thereof) of civilization.

And then I guess I’d also read about IQ, perhaps Nicholas Wade: A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History.

This last bit to help overcome the bias that most people have. Namely the bias that most people are similar to them.

Talented guys like you may not appreciate life at the bottom — life for people who do not and cannot understand the world, who’ve failed at everything they’ve attempted, who feel scorned and ridiculed, who are extremely afraid, who seem to live their whole lives one mistake away from catastrophe.

These are the people that function on impulse, habit, and ritual.

Think of those people.

So you have Islam, which sanctifies violence. You can still have redemption if you dedicate your life to smiting heretics. And you have Christianity where punishment is prohibited and forgiveness is required. If you behave well, you will be redeemed in the after life.

You also have communism (a secular religion) where your failures are blamed on the capitalist class, and people are rallied to destroy enemies.



> The right wing movements of Europe and America benefit from Islamic extremists.


> Islamic extremists benefit from right wing movements in Europe and America.

Disagree. Look at a history of Islamic conquest. It is what they do. The Levant and N Africa used to represent 2/3 of Christendom. Iran was Zoorastrian. Research why the Hindu Kush Mountains are called the Hindu Kush Mountains. In the earliest days of Islam, the Kharijite sect was already committing massive acts of random violence against innocent people as a means of proselytizing.

> And the real enemy of both is western liberal inclusive democracy, or multiculturalism, or as you like to label everything cultural Marxism. Do you disagree?

No. This is a very convenient framing for those intellectually and politically invested in a particular version of society (version of reality!). Unfortunately, it is untrue.

It’s a big topic to address all of this, but here are two points:

– Inclusive democracy. Once gov’t becomes the re-distributor of wealth and arbiter of morality mal incentives topple this happy myth. People vote their tribe and vote their reproductive strategy. So you have a huge majority of minorities and single women voting left. While a modest majority of whites and single men voting right.

It may be impolite to point that out, but 1) it’s reality, 2) I’m making proposals to reduce conflict while you’re making proposals which will increase conflict. You and I are in conflict because an over-reaching gov’t forces us to impose our beliefs on each other.

Inclusive democracy is incompatible with a heterogeneous society. It also seem a bit intellectually low-brow to believe a society that has only existed for about a generation is the “end of history” (ie. Fukuyama’s idea that we’ve arrived at the correct political order). Very presumptuous.

– Multiculturalism. Literal Multiculturalism would mean the preservation of cultures, not their destruction and ridicule. What’s worse, is that its advocates don’t promote a uniform destruction, but have narrowly aimed their ideology at Western Civilization.

Everything that’s European, Christian, Male, or Hetersexual gets smashed with the twin hammers of “privilege” and “tolerate-everything-else.” Everything that’s African, Hispanic, Muslim, Female, and Homosexual is surrounded by a wall of political correctness so severe that you can’t even criticize mass, organized rapes in the center of what used to be civilization.

So no. Radical Islam is not an opponent of the multi-cult. It’s the weapon of the multi-cult.

I love other cultures. I’ve traveled as a tourist to Israel, Jordan, Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia, and plan to do so again.

I don’t want any culture destroyed, but because I include European cultures in that statement, I open myself to accusations of racism.