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NPR’s anti-human propaganda: Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

It’s a tragedy to see so many good people fall for this nonsense. I console myself by imagining that this as the process through which humanity sheds from its gene pool that excessive nurturing instinct which is probably no longer a benefit to one’s genes in the modern world.

In the modern world, long free from the Malthusian Trap, aggression (at least a little) seems a better evolutionary strategy than boundless altruism.

Anti-war people are now pro-immigration people

Anti-war people are now pro-immigration people, so this will fall the deaf ears.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Ends ‘Era of Nation Building,’ Time to ‘Chart a New Course’

The left always needs a new tail to chase. The left is in a permanent state of rediscovering itself. That’s the only way it can hide from the constant disasters it creates.

I believe in believing

Long after my literal belief in the Bible waned, Ive gained deep appreciation of what Christianity does for society. I believe in believing.

> What books would I recommend for an elaboration of my praise of Christianity’s role in society?

Fukuyama’s Trust and Origin of Political Order.
Duchesne’s Uniqueness of Western Civilization.

None of these books is about Christianity. They’re about the problem that Christianity solves, namely Trust, and how it plays out in the development (or lack thereof) of civilization.

And then I guess I’d also read about IQ, perhaps Nicholas Wade: A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History.

This last bit to help overcome the bias that most people have. Namely the bias that most people are similar to them.

Talented guys like you may not appreciate life at the bottom — life for people who do not and cannot understand the world, who’ve failed at everything they’ve attempted, who feel scorned and ridiculed, who are extremely afraid, who seem to live their whole lives one mistake away from catastrophe.

These are the people that function on impulse, habit, and ritual.

Think of those people.

So you have Islam, which sanctifies violence. You can still have redemption if you dedicate your life to smiting heretics. And you have Christianity where punishment is prohibited and forgiveness is required. If you behave well, you will be redeemed in the after life.

You also have communism (a secular religion) where your failures are blamed on the capitalist class, and people are rallied to destroy enemies.



> The right wing movements of Europe and America benefit from Islamic extremists.


> Islamic extremists benefit from right wing movements in Europe and America.

Disagree. Look at a history of Islamic conquest. It is what they do. The Levant and N Africa used to represent 2/3 of Christendom. Iran was Zoorastrian. Research why the Hindu Kush Mountains are called the Hindu Kush Mountains. In the earliest days of Islam, the Kharijite sect was already committing massive acts of random violence against innocent people as a means of proselytizing.

> And the real enemy of both is western liberal inclusive democracy, or multiculturalism, or as you like to label everything cultural Marxism. Do you disagree?

No. This is a very convenient framing for those intellectually and politically invested in a particular version of society (version of reality!). Unfortunately, it is untrue.

It’s a big topic to address all of this, but here are two points:

– Inclusive democracy. Once gov’t becomes the re-distributor of wealth and arbiter of morality mal incentives topple this happy myth. People vote their tribe and vote their reproductive strategy. So you have a huge majority of minorities and single women voting left. While a modest majority of whites and single men voting right.

It may be impolite to point that out, but 1) it’s reality, 2) I’m making proposals to reduce conflict while you’re making proposals which will increase conflict. You and I are in conflict because an over-reaching gov’t forces us to impose our beliefs on each other.

Inclusive democracy is incompatible with a heterogeneous society. It also seem a bit intellectually low-brow to believe a society that has only existed for about a generation is the “end of history” (ie. Fukuyama’s idea that we’ve arrived at the correct political order). Very presumptuous.

– Multiculturalism. Literal Multiculturalism would mean the preservation of cultures, not their destruction and ridicule. What’s worse, is that its advocates don’t promote a uniform destruction, but have narrowly aimed their ideology at Western Civilization.

Everything that’s European, Christian, Male, or Hetersexual gets smashed with the twin hammers of “privilege” and “tolerate-everything-else.” Everything that’s African, Hispanic, Muslim, Female, and Homosexual is surrounded by a wall of political correctness so severe that you can’t even criticize mass, organized rapes in the center of what used to be civilization.

So no. Radical Islam is not an opponent of the multi-cult. It’s the weapon of the multi-cult.

I love other cultures. I’ve traveled as a tourist to Israel, Jordan, Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia, and plan to do so again.

I don’t want any culture destroyed, but because I include European cultures in that statement, I open myself to accusations of racism.

When Communists Realize they are Not the Majority

“In most communist movements, there comes a moment when they realize that they are not the majority. Post WWII France and the Bolshevik election failures come to mind.

Something similar keeps happening in America which is why American communists re-brand so often.”

I’m thinking of how BLM and anti-Trump antics have only increased his popularity.

People checking out of the universalist assumption.

Everything that is Christian, European, Male, or Heterosexual gets hit with the “tolerate-other-cultures” hammer.

Everything that is Muslim, African, Female, or Homosexual is protected by a wall of political correctness.

This is Machiavellian hypocrisy by people who hate Western Civilization.

A lot of people (me) are checking out of the universalist assumption. If I’m not part of your group, then you’re not part of my group.

Rant: The left’s good and evil paradigm.

Again, and again, we see the wisdom of Thomas Sowell’s observation that the right sees in the world in terms of trade offs, while the left sees the world in terms of right and wrong.

For the left, it’s a never ending parade of savage injustices which must be vanquished from the face of the Earth, and no cost is too high.

Just months ago, the big enemy of the people was money in politics (lion-hunting dentists aside). Now a political outsider is winning and vastly under-spending candidates who’ve received HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars (Hillary – $188 Million, Jeb – $158 Million, Ted Cruz – $104 Million, also Bernie – $96 Million), and what happens?

In the blink of an eye, one enemy to end all enemies is gone, and another one arrives. Trump ($27 Million) won’t denounce the long list of people they demand he denounce.

In their eyes civilization is always teetering on the brink. Imminent destruction is the steady rock in the lefts otherwise rapidly changing narrative. What happened to the lack of medical care? The anti-war movement with code pink? Peak oil? Over population — weren’t famines imminent by 2000? Originally, communism was great because it produced MORE material wealth? Since then, material wealth itself has had it’s stage time as the great evil to end all evils.

Again and again and again. It’s the nurturing instinct run amok. Every whim and fad masquerades a universal principal and dividing line between good and evil. Every inconvenience is a fault in the structure of civilization, and the only remedy is burning the civilized world.

Again and again. If there’s an anthem to the imbecile, catastrophic march of the left, it’s this quote post-modernist philosopher Richard Rorty betraying the hollowness of the left: “I think that a good Left is a party that always thinks about the future and doesn’t care much about our past sins.”

And yes, there’s a reason all the post-modernists were radical leftist. Once the pitiful disasters of “scientific socialism” became too monstrous to ignore, the left needed a weapon with which to attack epistemology.

And they got it. The university replaced the church. Departments are the new temples and tenured professors are the new priesthood. Like the church, they attempt to bend reality by chanting desirable lies. Like the church, they loathe heretics, and denounce them when physical violence is out of reach. The university is the new moderator of morality.

I say as others do: burn the Cathedral — for the sake of modern civilization.

Sukant Chandan: ‘Brown People Must Take Over the West and Genocide Whites’

This is what so many of my friends are missing.

You cannot open your society to tribal people and treat them as equals, when they remain tribal and hostile to you. We cannot broadcast universalism unless it is reciprocal.

Every month there’s a story about some naive liberal approaching being assaulted or murdered after approaching violent people with an open heart and charitable spirit.

Sukant Chandan, a self-proclaimed ‘Son of Malcolm X,’ is a Brown racist and imperialist living in England. He advocates quite openly for the ethnic replacement of Whites in all countries where Whites are the majority – genocide in no uncertain terms – yet he continues to gain a platform on media outlets like PressTV and RT, where he erupts in self-flagellating hysterics about the evils of the “White man” and what must be done to bring about the downfall of Whites globally.

On Western Civilization’s strengths and weaknesses

They carry the seeds of their their own defeat. Post-modern degeneracy cannot triumph over society any more than a parasite can triumph over its host.

The same thing that makes Western Civilization 1) so incredibly good at fostering cooperation and 2) so flexible and adaptable to a changing world,

is the same thing that makes it excessively patient with those explicitly calling for its destruction.

“White Debt” ???

To a fellow University of Iowa graduate (from the non-fiction program . . . predictably):


White people, whom you describe as a “moral problem”, have built modern civilization, dragged the rest of the world out of ignorance poverty and disease (against their will in many cases), suffered germ warfare from Asian invaders, suffered slavery (the Black Sea slave trade numbered 5 million almost half the individuals of the North Atlantic slave trade at a time when the world was much more sparsely populated), ended slavery, invented universal ethics and universal laws, and continue to run the only society in the world that tolerates your parasitism, moral relativism, and anti-social propaganda.

Note: Though I’d love give credit to my Slavic ancestors, the world-improving changes are mostly attributable to Western and Northern Europeans. If Slavs did anything right, it was acting as an enormous meat shield against the invading hordes from the East, and slave traders from Turkey and their agents.

So to hell with your whiny, hypocritical, self-loathing, overly deceptive, cultural Marxist status seeking.

Author and anti-Islamist activist Maajid Nawaz — on Tolerating bad behavior

It’s going to come to something like this because it has to. Behavioral norms must be defended as property.

In the words of one of my intellectual heroes, Thomas Sowell: “You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.”

Of course, all this will be thrown out by the left because the left seeks political power through problems and messianic, impossible-to-achieve solutions. This is a real solution. Defend behavioral norms with violence.

It will take a long time to recognize this because from within, we don’t recognize the work that culture is doing. Culture is resolving conflict without litigation and without inappropriate levels of violence. (I say “inappropriate”, because in most of Eastern Europe, you can punch someone in the face under certain circumstances without worrying about lethal escalation.)

Anyway, only when culture is lost must we substitute something — like litigation. And only slowly will we realize the importance of behavioral norms.

This is the path for success for multi-cultural societies. Having said all this, there is nothing wrong with voluntary segregation around culture or ethnicity. All people should have a homeland. There should be homogenous places and multicultural places. I’ve heard this idea referred to as “pan nationalism”.

(thanks, Faisal Goussous​. FYI: Curt Doolittle​)